Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Beauty, significance, worth…

Ugliness, insignificance, worthlessness…

All a matter of perspective.

Why do we think fields of grass are pretty? Why do we think amber waves of grain are attractive, and cattails in paintings…but if our lawn goes unmowed we think it looks disheveled?

Beauty by whose standards?

A trash dump…an eyesore to some, a buffet lunch for a bear.

A dead fish floating on a pond…gross, or lunch for a mother eagle and two hatchlings?

What does a crow think when he sees a skunk dashed to pieces on the road, entrails akimbo?
Yum! Fresh meat!

Wait…don’t we as humans like fresh meat? Being omnivores, it’s normal.
Don’t some folks like their beef rare? Ever heard of folks that like to eat raw ground beef? I have!

Why, then, are skunk entrails not a delicacy to us?

I’m not promoting the consumption of skunk entrails, raw beef or floating fish, just trying to illustrate how our own inner persepctives and perceptions can shape our view of the world.

In a book about sea animals, my grandson and I noted the illustrations of alligators and crocodiles attacking people and their pets! We speculated as to the narrative when taken from the alligator’s perspective.

So, what does a fly say when he sees poop?

All a matter of perspective, my friend.

Be at peace


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