Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

A riddle for life

Take two, they're small.

What are these things?

They have great value, yet you can give them away without cost.

We want them ourselves yet we give them away.

They are some of the finest things, some of the best gifts we receive, yet they never pile up, never get old, never increase or decrease our financial value or horde of possessions.

They have been around for thousands of years, yet they never are out of style.

Everyone can give and receive them. Children, grownups, the elderly…even babies!

They are of the greatest value to those that don’t receive them enough.

Those that give away the most are the richer for it.

Often they are given back to us by the recipient, and we’re always glad about that.

Even the smallest ones are appreciated, valued, and usually reciprocated.

They are absoluetly universal, one-size-fits-all, and everyone in the world has them, gives them, receives them, and likes them. (To be exact, there are an unfortunate  very few to which this doesn’t apply).

Give away more and get more, and we never tire of them.

We get to keep them forever. Some of my favorites were given to me by my mother, who has since died.

Unlike most things, you can take these with you when you die.

Figured it out already?



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