Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


AquaMarie Sunset

AquaMarie Sunset

It’s good for the soul to get away from it all. Well, unless you already live away from it all, which really describes home now that I think of it.

Life dropped one of those ripples in my pond this spring. One of those things that causes us to pause. To evaluate and assess. To scrutinize our present and future, to clarify our course as we plod through the days. If not for a few ripples, we would appreciate less the calm waters on which we sail if we are fortunate.

So for July, sail we did. We set sail for beautiful Forked lake in the Adirondack mountains. A son, a couple good friends, a couple of tents and a crystal clear lake full of delicious Largemouth Bass. Ah, a formula for relaxation.

Captain's seat

Captain’s seat

Caught enough fish to feed the pack Saturday night. A fresh bass shore dinner. There’s something rewarding in a neolithic way about bringing home food for the tribe. It doesn’t hurt that appetites double when you spend the weekend outdoors.


Dinner for the tribe

Dinner for the tribe

While I haven’t been writing posts and updating blogs, I’ve been pursuing my Armchair Zen out in the real world. There have been so many beauty-filled days this summer, and we (Chuy & I) have wrung the most we could out of most of them. Really, it’s an ACZ tenet to try to disconnect from the over-connected world we now live in.


Ryan & me

Ryan & me

Somehow, spending three days together in our boats, on the shore, around the campfire and sharing tents doesn’t sound too disconnected to me.

In fact, this sounds like the kind of connection that’s just what a wrinkled and rippled old Armchair Zen Master needs.

Connecting with nature, with friends, with my kids, my grandkids.

Just a reminder: the above things are real.

The TV, the smartphone, the iPod and ipad, the laptop, the slate, the tablet and Kindle…not real.

If you’re a follower of ACZ, you’ll know what I mean. If not, you can go into the archives and stumble down our path. Or, you’re free to virtually leave this virtual world and virtually travel to the other virtual worlds splayed before you in living backlit electronic color.

Another option: shut this stuff off, and get out into the big blue & green world.

Take someone by the hand and bring them with you.

If you have no one else, drop a line.

Ryan, Chuy & I are always available.

The Big Blue

The Big Blue

Take care & keep in touch.


Be at peace,



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