Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Zen lesson while fishing with son Ryan.

Bass, Corporation Pond, and Ryan

Bass, Corporation Pond, Ryan on the Far Shore

My grandfather set a pretty high bar.

It’s been my driving force, my goal throughout my adult life, to reach that high.

Make no mistake, it’s not my grandfather’s bar for which I reach, and neither shall you.

That bar is a hard-earned badge of honor, a talisman that he will take with him into future lives.

Dominic Trimarco’s legacy was not to leave us an arbitrary list of criteria by which a man shall be judged.

His gift to us, across the generations, is much more enduring.

He taught us, by silent living example, that those altruists enlightened to these ideals will seize this opportunity.

That we have a right, a near-sacred duty, to determine,

each of us,

how high we shall set the bar for ourselves.


Seek peace,




Comments on: "Reach" (2)

  1. Such an adorable fish. I should agree, we must silently live as a living example for the coming generations.


  2. Agreed.
    Thanks for taking time to share your thoughts.

    Seek peace,



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