Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Sorry to leave the blogosphere hanging for a bit.

Then again, a post-a-month is about average for Armchair Zen.

Nothing personal, just that life and the world are very full and busy these days.

All good things, really, from babies to nature hikes, camping in the wilderness, enjoying the ease of summer days.

Hope you are, too.

Don’t forget there’s a limit on the number of days we’re allotted to blog, enjoy the world, hold babies, camp.

Soon I will parcel out a little more time from this purpose-filled life to properly honor Blogworld.

Meanwhile, take the time to enjoy every moment.

Life is wonder-filled if you just know how to look at it.


Seek peace,



Comments on: "Note:" (1)

  1. Yes, life is wonderful. Cheers for more wonderful days to come. By the way, you have an artistic eye. I love all your photos😁


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