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In keeping with ACZ’s mission to BE THE CHANGE, this reblog from roamwildandfree offers an opportunity to make a difference, and double your results. Becca and Alex will MATCH your donation.
Please give this serious consideration, and THANK YOU to you, and people like Becca & Alex.

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We can assume that the majority of us go to bed with a full belly and wake up with breakfast on the table without trying too hard. Not many of us know what it’s like to fall asleep with a grumbling stomach because we didn’t have more than a bite or two for dinner..if that. World hunger is a problem that all of us know exists. We might choose to do something about it, we might not. Luckily there are people in this world who care about others in need and have the ability to help.

Before you stop reading thinking this is another depressing world hunger rant with nothing backing it up, just take a minute. This is simply an acknowledgement of an issue but we think you’re going to LOVE who we’re teaming up with to bring you a solution!

When we were in South America, the severity of world hunger hit…

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