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An Award? For ACZ? Yay!

How Exciting! Dan and Fiona of  360exposure have nominated ACZ for a Sunshine Blogger Award!

Thanks Dan & Fiona, your gesture is genuinely appreciated.



Rules of the Sunshine Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the eleven questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate eleven other blogs and give them eleven questions to answer.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

Dan & Fiona’s questions:

What made you start blogging?

I’ve always enjoyed writing; poetry, songs, radio comedy. I’ve also written journals for many years, sort of a diary. A blog seemed like a logical next step. Like many, at first I thought I was framing up a book, but then the blog community stole my heart.

If money was no object, what would you do?

I’d spend much of my time in service to others. Refugees of war-torn countries, VISTA stuff, Veterans, the blind and illiterate, and animals.

What do you prefer Marine or Terrestrial environments?

As a terrestrial mammal raised on Terra Firma, I like dry land. I love water’s beauty and value, but I’m a little uncomfortable in an environment where I can’t see things that are big enough to eat me.

If you were kind and you knew then what you know now. Would you have chosen a different profession and what would it be?

As dichotomous as it sounds, if I could do it again I’d probably be a monk or a drill sergeant.

Do you prefer sweet or savory?

Sweet all the way.

If you could save one animal on the planet which animal would it be?

Dogs. Selfish, I know, but it’s my answer. Don’t get me started on dogs…

Favourite music genre and/or band?

Not sure what you’d call it, but it would be Rickie Lee Jones.

If you could earn a salary from blogging, would you do it?

For legitimate publishing, yes. Not as a vendor or tech support or anything.

What are your views and thoughts on global population numbers.

This question may be too big for me. There are a lot of people and there must be a limit of some kind. Quite honestly, in my true Armchair Zen heart I don’t think humans are the best thing for this planet. Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but frankly the planet would be better off without them (or perhaps a total world population of a million or two). My eye to the cosmos says our little globe will be glad when they’re gone.

Where do you live now? If you had to move to a foreign country where would you go to?

I live in New York State, the northeast United States, not far from the confluence of two famous rivers; the Hudson, named for Hendrick who landed here in 1609, and the Mohawk, made famous by the tales of James Fennimore Cooper. If I was forced to move I’d go to Canada, but then our neighbors and our countries are quite similar. Otherwise, in a total fantasy answer, maybe Australia.

When was the last time you spent the entire day without your cellphone and/or iPad?

Every year I have the great privilege of camping at Forked Lake in the wilderness of the Adirondack Mountains. There are no cell towers in the High Peaks region, and therefore I have a perfect excuse to leave the phone in the car. It is the most peaceful time of my entire year.


My nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award are as follows:

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By India Blue (

Livenowandzen (

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Mrs. Twinkle (

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My questions for the nominees:

How do you come to be a blogger?

Tell us a bit about where you live.

What other creative talents or outlets do you have, besides your blog?

If you could send a text to everyone in the world simultaneously, what would you say?

How would you describe humankind to an alien that knows nothing of humans?

What, in your opinion, is the most important or valuable invention of modern man?

What attributes of your favorite season do you most admire?

What is your earliest childhood memory?

In what ways do you now differ from the person you thought you’d be when you were a teenager?

Who has been an inspiration or hero in your life?

If you could be a different species, what would it be?

Thanks again to Dan & Fiona at 360exposure. This has been an honor, and a lot of fun!


Seek peace,





Comments on: "An Award? For ACZ? Yay!" (9)

  1. Congratulations with your award Paz and thank you for thinking of us in your nominations. Our blog went ‘Award Free’ in October so please feel free to pass it on to someone else :o)


  2. I must say that I am not sure of How the prize works or how the winner or winners are notified, However I did like the fact that we could nominate some great blogs that we thought deserved recognition. So to be very honest if no-one we have nominated wins I would just like you to know our nominations were not taken lightly nor should it take away from the hard work you have put into your blog.. We look forward to many more great reads from you. Dan


    • Thank you, Dan.
      I think blog awards are a little like chain mail. Not sure there are actual winners or prizes. I think the idea, as you said, is to be able to name some deserving blogs and recognize them. Anyway, the nomination alone is enough for me!
      Agreed, too, that I liked the opportunity to cite some deserving blogs.
      If there is a winner, good luck to all. If not, Congratulations all around!



  3. Congratulations Paz on the well-deserved Sunshine Award for your blog! I really enjoyed reading your answers to the questions, and I will look into the many fine blogs you have nominated. Thank you so much for flattering me with a nomination! I’m so sorry I must decline due to limitations because of health problems and so many pressing demands on my limited abilities.


  4. […] wonderful surprise, I have been nominated by Pazlo Armchair Zen – Nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  It’s a first for me and I am feeling honoured to have […]


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