Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Lake Light

I am the Lightkeeper.

I claim no special skill or training.

I did not build the lighthouse, or the light.

It is my duty, my responsibility, to keep the lamp lit

For those whom I have not met and may never meet.


I am not a sailor.

Don’t know how to hoist the mainsail or tack to the west.


I am not a whaler.

Have never thrown the harpoon, know nothing of the harvest of oil.


I am not a shipwright.

Can’t calculate her draft or build a transom.


I am not the Captain.

Cannot plot our course or stare down the dangers.


I know only darkness pierced by the beacon.

I know this craggy point like the lines on my face.

I know the high and low tides, the summer storms, winter’s fury.

I know the cries of the shipwrecked, calling into the night.


I know of rocky shores and the ocean’s rage.

I know of smashed and abandoned skeletons

Of ships piloted by

Those that did not see.


Did not see the shore.

Did not see the waves crashing and foaming at the bluff.

Did not see the light.


“Here! Here is the light!” I shout at the

Top of my lungs only to have my calls

Drowned out by the roaring surf.


I am only the lightkeeper.

Despite my bellowing and tears

I cannot save those

That will not see the light.


I cry at the dawn, as I douse the light,

For those that will never see it.



Couldn’t we shine?

I’m rolling all my Golden Moments into one.

Gonna shine like the sun,

One last summer day.

Shine like the lighthouse,

One last summer night.

See me 

Flashing On,

Flashing Off,

Fading away.


“Lighthouse” – James Taylor



Seek peace,



Comments on: "Lightkeeper" (2)

  1. A very powerful write Paz and part of any lightkeeper’s journey is to be at peace in the storms. To be at peace that not everyone is ready to see the light. To be at peace that for some it can be disempowering to be shown a light by someone else whilst for others it can be a life saver. You can shine your own light, polish your own stone and trust that those who are ready will see the light. When you are at peace with everyone’s own pace, everyone’s individual journeys and wrong turns and can watch them with compassion without any attachment to a particular outcome, your inner peace can deepen and your light will be brighter still, and so will your dawn 💜


  2. I’m grateful for your kind and insightful comment.
    It’s pleasing to hear thoughts that resonate with teachings of the path and the way.
    Your expressions are clear and ring with truth.
    Hope is renewed with each dawn!

    Take care,



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