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My Syrian Children

Our instinct is to protect ourselves. My spirit calls me to protect everything else.”


7.5 million refugee children depend on humanitarian aid to survive.

More than 12 million people have been displaced by the conflict.

9,000 schools are unusable. 40% of all children in the area are not attending school.

Children have lost or will miss about 5 years of school, on average, due to the displacement.

One in three asylum seekers in Europe are children.

Many children have lost their parents and families. Children are arriving on foreign shores, strange lands, homeless and alone.

2.3 million children live as refugees in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.

I read somewhere recently, that as many as 130 children die of starvation each day in refugee camps.

I compel others to do what they can to help with relief.

Right now, the situation is most dire, as even humanitarian aid is not making it to these people in desperate need due to armed conflict preventing aid shipments.

Again, I feel like the Light keeper. The light of the beacon I tend is swallowed by this raging storm in the night’s blackness. My desperate cries drowned out by the violent surf. All I can do is count the bodies as they wash ashore.

Lutheran World Relief (one of the highest-rated and most effective relief organizations)

Please help if you can.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” – President Ronald Reagan

If you can’t give monetarily, please pray for the children.


More than ever, let us seek peace,



Comments on: "My Syrian Children" (4)

  1. your quote is beautiful-you are a light keeper, and your light shines in spite of everything. A beautiful touching-and heartbreaking post. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help.


  2. Thank you for caring, Michele.
    I truly feel we are one world.
    It is, indeed, heartbreaking.
    Keep the faith.



  3. Paz….you are always an inspiration to me, and this post is why. Yesterday I went to Target with a bit of what was left from our weekly grocery fund and bought items for a child who will soon fall through the cracks of a broken home and into the foster care system. Every little bit of good we do in the world matters, and it matters now more than ever. Thanks for being a lighthouse beacon.


    • Good to hear from you Justine, and thank you for such kind words, they buoy my spirit.
      President Reagan’s quote sums it up, I think, “…everyone can help someone.”
      I feel the same sense that it “matters more now than ever.”
      That doesn’t mesh perfectly with all my Armchair Zen philosophy, but it is an undeniable message from my soul.
      Recently I read a plea (Giving Tuesday, perhaps) to “Put people before products.”
      Clearly, you have heeded the call. “Every little bit of good we do in the world matters…”
      Amen, Butterfly.
      Thanks for caring, and for helping.

      Best regards,


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