Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


A reply to a young person’s post, looking ahead at their life. The idea is postulated that “age is in one’s mind”, and drew a reply including the statement “Age is simply not a significant number.”


Age is, indeed, a significant number.

It would be folly to deny this.

Can a newborn walk?

Can the eldest elder run like a child?

We must recognize and enjoy each year that comes to us. We must celebrate our energy and wonder and unbounded future of our youths.

We must stop and smell each and every rose during those wonder-filled years if one is blessed with children. Drink in every moment, tuck these memories into your heart.

We must be willing to relish the maturity of our age. To have a wondrous well of experiences and memories that add hue and tone to our every living moment.

To cherish those days remaining, knowing we are closer to the end of the trail than the beginning.

Age is a name for each book and chapter of your life. “Me, age 10”, “I go to School”, “Learning to Drive a Car”, “College Days”, “Time In Service”, “Marriage”, “My Children”, “Saying Goodbye to Mom”, “Life Filled with Wonder”, “Joy and Tears”, “Me, age 40”, “Me, age 50”.

Each volume is neatly stacked in the library of your mind.

What a fine and joyous thing it is to peruse my library.

To carefully select a volume, hold it in my hands, linger over the stories and illustrations.

One day, I shall fall off to sleep, reading…


Seek peace,



Comments on: "Librarian" (12)

  1. I do like how you’ve put this, Paz.

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    • Thank you, Ellen.
      It’s so easy to draw inspiration from real life.
      I love my own small but well-stocked library.
      The feel, the smell of a book.
      Time capsules, for sure.


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  2. once again-a beautiful post-This ought to be published in a book. First , the truth about age, at last. Age does matter, age IS significant. of course as I always say-you use words like an artist uses paints. well done, my friend-Michele


    • Thank you, friend, for your ever-kind and inspiring words.
      As for age?
      I wouldn’t go back if you paid me.

      Notice the phrase “tuck these memories into your heart.”.
      I told you I was likely to use that one!

      Best regards,


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  3. Love this. As I’m in the next to last chapter in my life – 70’s – I love the memories in my book of life that I can now take out and “read.”

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    • You’re a bit ahead of me. I’ve just started “Chapter 59”, my last year to be “younger” than 60!
      I do believe a lot of this is mental attitude. Some folks wring their hands and fear “old age”.
      I look forward to the writing.

      Thanks for the comment, Ms. Lane,


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  4. Aging is a wonderful phenomenon: I despise all those glorifying products marked as “Anti Aging”. We should be what we are ought to be, how we are ought to be. And certainly, as you said, each phase in life is like a neatly stacked library. So true and realistic!! Love the way you wrote this…


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    • Thanks for your well-composed and thoughtful reply.
      There are so many beautiful libraries to behold, yet sadly, so many people are lost, wandering the halls.
      Keep your eye on the sparrow, my friend.

      Seek peace,



      • Well people always want to revisit the past, enjoy them and relive…I just want to procrastinate the future I want to live in, and try building it rather… What’s gone is never gonna come back and people got to make peace with it…but you know…
        Anyways… different people… different opinions…can’t argue..


  5. Being closer to the end than most of our fellow writers, 86 at last count, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned on this path called life is that when looking back to do so without regret. Whatever occurred was my life either as I created it or had help along the way. Still I own it. It is mine. I cherish each minute I’ve lived, each moment I have left. I enjoy your posts as you seem to be on a similar path, discovering your place in the cosmos. You will come to discover as have I that it is all one. We are all one.

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    • Yes, Ms. Lake, it is all one.
      There’s so much of it, though, that it feels a little miraculous when the cosmos brings me someone like you.
      Kismet. Karma. All kinds of funny names for such things.
      I am thoroughly impressed with your body of work and continued expressions of poetic beauty.
      Your words herein are more valuable to me than you might expect. “I own it. It is mine.” Such simple truth, really.
      Alas, I am training to be you when I get there (I’m not that much younger-from my perspective- at 59).
      Going on faith, your voice from my future validates the goal.
      Peace to you, my friend.
      One day, we’ll meet out amongst the stars!

      All my best,


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