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October Piece

As an October tradition here at ACZ, the annual posting of “October Piece”

– Paz


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October Piece-


O! To be that Canada Goose, and see through those geese eyes,

That patchwork carpet below arrayed,

All Nature’s vainglorious color displayed,

As I fly through blue-gray October skies.

Ah! To be that white-tailed deer,

Browsing ‘mongst the elms and pines,

Walking the tumbled-down rock fence lines,

As I bid the first snowflake “Appear!”.


Oh! To be that fox of the glen,

Who seeks all manner of food and forage,

To fatten his flanks with winter storage,

When drifting snows will surround my den.

Alas! To be that little boy,

Raking leaf piles, carving pumpkins,

Stuffing a scarecrow country bumpkin,

Awaiting Halloween with joy.


Seek peace,



Comments on: "October Piece" (4)

  1. A beautiful sequence Paz, those fox cubs look adorable!

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    • Thanks for your compliments.
      The little fox family lived just off Priscilla Beach near Plymouth, Massachusetts.
      It was a very congested area, and I contacted wildlife management, hoping they could be relocated away from the heavy human traffic, bound to end poorly for the foxes.
      They seemed as curious about me as I was of them when I took the photos.


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  2. I LOVE this-absolutely lyrical. Happy October!


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