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Tonic Of Spring

Noni among the flowers


How I love the snow.

As Spring returns

As she is wont,

I’m sad to see it go.


Then “O! What’s this?”

Birds in red and yellow and blue!

And reaching up from Earth,

Crocuses in every hue!


And green!

For months the color only of pines,

Now returning to this yard of mine,

And in the trees it can be seen.


Tractors battle mud in fields

To carve the furrows

Rich and dark,

A sooner start for better yields.


Eagles nest. Osprey, too.

Foxes bare their kits in dens.

Skunks stretch from their winter’s sleep,

To join else other denizens.


In a month the sky will glow,

To warm and copper-tone my skin.

I will be chagrined to part

With this sweet Spring I’ve come to know.



Seek peace,





Comments on: "Tonic Of Spring" (8)

  1. Just perfect!

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  2. beautiful, you know I love the winter too and I have already missed it, in spite of this beautiful season. I really love every season. Happy Spring!

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  3. A lovely spring poem, Paz.

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  4. Beautifully said, Paz. Spring has been in fits and starts here, tulips covered in snow, but that is what makes spring spring, the uncertainty brings with it hope.

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    • Thanks for the compliment, Justine, and your observation of the dichotomy of spring.
      I think tulips were “designed” to pull us through that last stretch!

      Thanks for stopping by,



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