Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Morning Light

Sumac Sunrise


Every morning when I step out the door, I speak aloud a greeting to my dearest departed friend, my faithful canine companion of over 15 years.
It is a warm moment of remembrance, our bond as strong- or stronger- since parting.

As Chuy says, “The Circle must close. It is true for us all. It is simply so.”

This reminds me that every moment of every wonderous day is a gift to be opened and shared with the world.
That even after passing, the meaningful things in our earthbound life can remain meaningful.

It is not my inner light that illuminates my path.
It is the light I see in each and every individual and creature on this planet.
It is bright as the sun.

May peace find you always,






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Comments on: "Morning Light" (6)

  1. Pets are a huge part of our family! Beautiful post!


  2. I try to take a couple minutes each day to find wonder in the outdoors and say a silent prayer of gratitude for the gift of another day, another day to explore the new and another day to appreciate what is gone. Thanks for the reminder, Paz!


  3. We must remind ourselves- and one another- often enough that it becomes habit, Justine.



  4. Thank you Pazlo for reminding us to treasure life.


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