Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Sky Sailors



I stopped my compulsive counting of the geese in the flocks that fly above me,

and instead admired their beauty.

I stopped foretelling the weather in these clouds that pass over me,

and instead enjoyed watching them sail.

I stopped thinking of those places where we don’t meet eye-to-eye,

and instead embraced those where we do.


Seek peace,



Comments on: "Accountant" (4)

  1. Paz, I wish I was better at living in the moment than I am.


    • You were just a moment ago, Neil.
      You’re improving!
      As stated above, it’s not so much about doing something as it is about stopping something.
      When you think about it, it’s often easier to not do something than to undertake something.
      Keep at it. Or stop keeping at it, I mean.
      You’re doing better than you think.

      Seek peace,


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  2. It’s always good to slow down and smell the goose droppings. Ha.


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