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April Piece

Noni among the flowers


Such newfound joy I behold each year
When April’s song bends my ear.
The robins’ whistle by the fence,
The gobble of the turkey thence.
The warblers chatter, the swallows dart
In living, breathing, springing art.

From Earth rises all manner of things,
As if for the deaf April also sings.
First crocuses, Colt’s Foot and shad will bloom,
Then tulips and daffodils vie for room.
Trees, still leafless, seem eager and greener,
As if taking cues from the grass’s demeanor.

The sky looks bluer, the clouds fly higher,
The sun warms our face like the past winter’s fire.
The wind brings with it no freezing strife,
But the essence of growth, the breath of life.
As each day grows longer ‘tween end and start,
So, too, warms and grows hope in the heart.




Comments on: "April Piece" (9)

  1. This may be a new favorite poem for me-reminds me of “Loveliest of Trees” in some beautiful way. I can not get the thing to reblog-Is it me? my computer? I tried several times. This is too good to keep as a secret! you friend always, Michele

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    • This is a fairly old composition, 1996 I think. I did this thing that year where I would compose a poem about each month, the writing done within its namesake. The book this was in had been set aside a number of years, and I just pulled it out to find a piece called “Last Train To Neverland” which you’re likely to see soon.
      Almost like the “newfound joy” in the poem, I was pleased to re-discover this one.
      From that year, I also retained “October Piece”, “June Piece” and “August Piece”, all of which have appeared herein.

      On the reblog subject, there’s something funny going on with my WordPress, so it may be on this end. Suddenly I was unable to click a “Like” button unless I was in Reader. It’s still hit and miss. I recently went through a bunch of clear-and-reset exercises that may help.

      If you want anything, you can copy and paste to Word. There may be a way to copy and paste illustrations, too. Personally, I tend to use “Copy Text Only” to avoid formatting issues.

      My best always,


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  2. Reblogged this on rabbitpatchdiarycom and commented:
    I love this blog! Every post is written artfully and tenderly. The author is as wonderful, as his words. I can not keep this secret, for we ought to let others know, when we find something good.

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  3. Oh yes this is absolutely precious!! LOVE this! Both felines and flowers are high on my list of what I love as well as all of what Mother Nature gives me. Thank you for sharing such light and talent with us. I so appreciated this today! Thank you! xo

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