Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

New World Order

It was not the governments of the world that tore down the Berlin Wall.

It was not soldiers in uniforms, nor officials or dignitaries.

The Wall was brought down by ordinary people. Millhands and plumbers and taxi drivers and waitresses.

People who would no longer tolerate the isolation and separatism practiced by their native countries.

The Earth is our homeland.

We are one people.




Comments on: "New World Order" (6)

  1. Lovely family pictures and thoughts, Paz!


  2. love the pictures! and the titles. Good to know all is well. your fan always, Michele


  3. One People One Soul
    We are one people
    Great pictures ! Thanks for sharing

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  4. Beautiful! When the wall came down I was rather young but I remember how quickly it suddenly all happenede. There where not only protests in the big cities, even in our little town people were on the streets. We would hide behind the window in the dark and watch the protesters. It was bizarre and a few weeks later there was a lot of chocolate everywhere. We had so many bananas at home, I went off for years afterwards 😉

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  5. It’s fascinating to hear this from the perspective of the other side of the wall.
    Here in the U.S., I watched history unfold on the television at the time my children were entering the world. Growing up during the Cold War, as a child fearing nuclear annihilation at any moment, I was overjoyed to tears that peace might finally reign in an educated and enlightened world.
    Alas, my young man’s dreams turned to dust as my own country went to war again, and even within our own borders, unrest seems to prevail.
    Perhaps one day, we will all understand how much we are in this together.

    There is some secret comfort knowing we can still share our love of chocolate.

    Seek peace,


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