Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Why Ask Why?


I rise,
Unsure just why
But here am I
Awake and alive.

Breathe and step
And step again.
To where? Ahead.
Beyond where I have been.

Look and see.
What is there and 
What is not.
Past, future, time forgot.

Moving still.
A back to break,
An iron will,
Dreams to forsake.

Sun and rain
Clouds to love.
Floods below
Storms above.

Feed the machine
Because we must,
Over and again
Until I am dust.

A sparrow lights
To share my bread.
What’s mine is yours
Until I am dead.

A fleeting glimpse,
A parting glance?
For who knows how long
We shall dance?

Sun is setting,
Darkness falls,
Yet light persists
In hallowed halls.

Rest and sleep.
To dreams awake.
A dream of dreaming
For its own sake.

The day dawns,
Wipe sleep from eyes.
Once again
And who knows why,
I rise.



Seek peace,


Comments on: "Why Ask Why?" (5)

  1. Beautiful flowing encouragement to keep one going. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yours is a bright and unexpected interpretation of the piece.
      It brings me joy to hear this.
      What greater reward for a writer?
      Thanks for taking the time to share.



  2. oh how beautifully said! You know how I think -and of the same things. Maybe sharing the sparrow means more than we know-and also honoring the beauty around us. May you rise happy and well for many many seasons. x Michele

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    • “May you rise.”
      Indeed, a salutation for our times, and our future.
      It is at once a wish for health and longevity, and also for introspection and enlightenment.
      That we may all rise to our highest callings.

      All my best,


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