Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Feed The Cat


Doone The Cat


Just keep feeding the cat.

Sometimes our lives feel like whirlwinds.
Sometimes we question our very existence.
Our purpose.

It can be mind-boggling.

Meanwhile, we must keep feeding the cat.
It is a Known Good.

Duty and regimen.
All things must pass.

Some days it’s all we have.
Until things settle.
Until we sort things out.
Until things become clearer.

In the meantime, keep feeding the cat.
A Known Good for the cat, too.



Seek peace,



Comments on: "Feed The Cat" (6)

  1. Doone is a beautiful kitty! The cats and I like this, a lot! Purrs!

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  2. There is great wisdom here. Love this!

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  3. Great way to live everyday/

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    • There’s a great deal of comfort in the routine and predictable places in our lives.
      It is to these I cleave most!

      Thanks for your thoughts, Michele.


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