Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

The Speed Of Zen

Frost’s Road


I have no problem moving over,
And letting the
Younginahurry people race past me.

Let them dash off to their
Younginahurry lives.

Despite their velocity,
They will never catch up to me.

I’m not in the slow lane or the fast lane,
But the now lane.
Traveling at the speed of zen.

Let them speed past me in the 
Younginahurry lane.

And I’m not talking about the highway.



Comments on: "The Speed Of Zen" (6)

  1. I really like this!

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  2. “The now lane”…. great place to be! Well put, Paz.

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  3. Michael Graeme said:

    “Travelling at the speed of Zen”. That really chimes with me. Love it.

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