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October Piece 1

A little change from tradition, as normally I would post “October Piece”, which is actually “October Piece 2”. These come from a 1996 project wherein I would compose a poem about each month, written within that month to truly capture the mood. This one was first, apparently, and met with less favor, but it has some good qualities.

October Piece 1

Patchwork hills, foggy mornings.
First frosts invigorate, fetch your coats!
Geese on the wing, their song denotes
The campaigns of Winter forming.

The dry and crisp smell of the air,
The rustling leaves, their songs they play,
Arid cornstalks in rank and file arrayed,
A cacophony of the Autumn Senses Fair.

Big Enough

Squirrels hurry, preparing winter stores.
Deer on the move seek to fatten their flanks.
The creeks become less creek, more banks.
Ash and Hickory litter forest floor.

The Open Wonder Woods

October traditions, goblins and ghosts,
Scarecrows and gourds in earthtone hues,
Pumpkins and apples bring the news,
“Welcome winter at every porch post.”

Geese at Bowmaker’s

Happy Autumn!


Comments on: "October Piece 1" (8)

  1. Lovely photos and I like the poetry too!

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  2. A lovely poem and glorious images Paz, happy Autumn to you too! 🤗🍂

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  3. Hey there, Paz. Is that your grandchild in the pile of leaves? Excellent photo.

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    • It is, Neil, my granddaughter Ellie. #5 of 6.
      The photo is from our “Leaf Pile Party”, where we all get together and make a mountain of leaves, then throw the children into it!


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  4. The peace I felt not only through your images but your words I thank you for. Bless you, Paz, for standing firm on love and peace. This is the only way to freedom. xo

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  5. love, love , love!! x Michele

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  6. Lovely, the words and the images.

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