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Roads – #8

In A Christmas Story, Randy’s mom does not make him come out of the cupboard beneath the sink.

She brings him a glass of milk, pats his head, and closes the curtain on his hiding place.

Loved and fed and in his safe place.

The essence of Mother.



Comments on: "Roads – #8" (2)

  1. This film was co-written by and based on a book by Jean Shepherd. In the 1960s and maybe 70s, JS had a radio show at night on WOR, which is in New York City. His show ran for about 45 minutes each broadcast, and was a monolog. It was great. He was a fascinating guy. Are you familiar with that radio show?

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  2. Hey Neil:

    I am not acquainted with Mr. Shepard’s show. A great voice for radio and voiceover. Perhaps there’s an archive of his show if it was recorded.
    A Prairie Home Companion was a great show on NPR, I listened to every week.
    Garrison Keillor had a great voice, too.

    Merry Christmas,



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