Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Roads – #116

So much has been stolen from us by this evolution into our techno-monetary society.

I have but moments to view this beautiful morning through glass, passing at sixty-five miles per hour.

How I envy the rat and raven, free to consume the entire day, one sacred Now at a time.



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  1. I remember those feelings when I was driving a 30-minute commute every workday. I’ve been working from home for 7 years now. Now when I get in the car as a passenger looking out the glass, I’m in awe of what has changed and what has stayed the same. When I’m the driver it seems surreal that I can still remember how to drive. Being in the moment is grand! On a side note, as I’m typing this comment I saw the picture of a dandelion on your website. It looked just like a picture I’d taken under your “Perhaps You’d Like…” sidebar. So I clicked on it, and YEP, it was mine. Thank you for sharing that there. That’s a cool sidebar option. I look forward to our paths crossing again!

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    • Hi Shelley:
      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.
      The “Perhaps You’d Like” widget is called “Recent Likes”, or something like it.
      You can select the number of recent likes to show on the sidebar.
      I’m glad I found your blog, and will visit often.
      I found you through a comment on Neil’s “Yeah, Another Blogger” site.
      Funny how, in a blogosphere with tens of thousands of folks, we tend to find those we like, those that seem to share a similar ken.
      So I’ll be seeing you around the blogosphere, I don’t doubt!

      Merry Christmas!


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      • Thank you, Paz. I have a free theme and I couldn’t find that widget. I was able to find a search widget which someone asked me to put on my blog. I do wish I could find the one you have. I’ll keep searching.
        I’m glad we found each other too – I’ll be back to visit your blog. I agree, it’s funny how we find kindred spirits.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours too!

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  2. YOU KNOW, i think as you do. Sometimes, I wonder how this all happend. Now this is so normal. Not for me, but it is what folks expect. A lot has been stolen-well said. Gosh, I could go on and on on this subject-but I bet you know what I would say. x Michele

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    • Maybe one day the robots and machines will do it all for us, and humans will be free to live like Romans, pursuing music, art and nature’s beauty.
      If you can find a way for someone to make money with all that, you’d be surprised how quickly it would come to pass.

      Merry Christmas,


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      • I guess, that I have never looked at it like that-we could all be allowed to be artists. I bet if folks really did create and appreciate-and were appreciated . . .well crime and arguing might dwindle some and health issues could improve. Merry Christmas, dear friend-Michele

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  3. I have come to repeat this line frequently: “…free to consume the entire day, one sacred now at a time.”
    I’m there now.
    I am the raven.


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