Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Tales Of Ten Men

The Writer’s Tale

In an effort to frame concisely a brief outline of my love affair with words,
I came to this journal.

It lay open and empty many long hours as I contemplated superlatives
And conjured cogitations,
As writers often do,
Seeking the ideal phrase,
Painting dream and glory
In comma-specked soliloquy
And stunning summary.

As I tried to determine where the lines should be drawn
Between raw truth and exaggeration,
Fiction and mythology,
I realized

I had yet to write the last chapter.

Comments on: "Tales Of Ten Men" (4)

  1. I came across a phrase somewhere once, on a blog I think. I forget the exact wording, but basically it’s this: ”I write in order to find out what I think.” That sure applies to me. I’ve become clearer about my likes, dislikes, outlooks and opinions because of trying to capture them in written words.

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    • Thanks for the note, Neil. I like the way writing forces me to winnow things down to the bare essentials and make the most of every sentence and paragraph. Writing is pretty easy, but writing well takes a little extra effort.
      Love the quote, and I won’t forget it. It reminds my of a quote from Van Gogh:
      “I am always doing that which I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it.”

      Take care,


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    • If someone were to ask me if you had a beautiful relationship with words, I’d say, YES, without a doubt! PS – thank you for the comforting words of wisdom you shared in my post. My heart is full of appreciation.

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  2. well done my dear friend.

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