Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.

Tales Of Ten Men

The Philosopher’s Tale

Two dreams dreamed
Within my mind,
One at the fore
And one behind and
Being unable to realize
two dreams at one time, I
Put my efforts into dreams
Of the working man’s kind.

These dreams fulfilled,
I set them down as is
Tradition when you wear
That stately crown of silver hair,
And as I looked around
I saw growing from the ground
These tender shoots of
That sequestered dream,
And heard the sound
Of the blue jay’s call, and
Gazed upon the sunlight beam,
And marveled at the many
Dreams yet to be found.



Comments on: "Tales Of Ten Men" (7)

  1. Good to hear from you again.

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  2. Hi Paz, that’s a beautiful comeback poem! I could hear the blue jay call. 🙂 Thanks for popping back into the blogosphere!

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  3. Well done, tender and yet powerful to read. Flows like a small brook. x Sparrow

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