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In Depth of winter

Tug Hill snowIn these, our bitter days of winter,
As bare trees stand, their feet cold in the snow,
Above our heads icy northwinds blow,
And from our eaves hang frozen crystal splinters.

Let us then retire to our rooms,
Where we’ll sip hot tea and clasp our hands,
And know the warmth of love still stands
As overhead the winter rage looms.

No embers of wood, nor burning coal,
As the fire radiates its heat,
Upon our faces, upon our feet,
Can, as the heart, warm the soul.

Wolf Credo

Snow Moon Walk

Snow Moon Walk

Learn from elders.
Teach the young.
Respect the pack.

Hunt when you must.
Play when you can.
Rest in between.

Share your emotions.
Voice your feelings.
Leave your mark.

(Rudyard Kipling)

Chipping Sparrow

So many colors!


What say you today, my little chipping sparrow?

Gone are the winter winds that chill to the marrow.

Do you take vigor in spring’s rebirth,

As blossoms and sunshine caress the earth?

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