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Us, Niagara Falls, 1990


Our love is a true love.

Not a perfect love,
but an unwavering bond.

From good to great and bad to worse,
even when at odds,
we cling to one another.

Our love is not blind.
Our love is not selfless.

It is strong enough to be honest
with ourselves
and one another.
For you and me and
We to be.

To our last we are
inseparable as
the clouds and sky.

Ours is a true love.




Teaching the Teacher


Author Richard Bach said in a book “We teach best what we most need to learn.”.

That’s really what this is about.
This life, this site, these words.
I may flatter myself to think of myself as a philosopher, teacher, a sharer of these learnings.
This may or may not be the truth.
For with each lesson taught, I have learned.

Be at peace,


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