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December 30 first

December 30 firstAll around lie the remnants of summer and fall,
These dry brown grasses, the tall and the small.
Each conifer stretches, the low and the high,
Each stretches, in vain, its limbs to the sky.

The sun hangs low in it’s arc, non-chalant,
Neglecting her earthbound petites enfants.
Cold comes to slumber and lumber around,
Packing the earth to hard frozen ground.

Smoke from chimneys dances and twirls,
Having never seen the summer world.
I shutter the window, and put logs on the fire,
As I patiently wait for the year to expire.

As into the pink night sky sets the sun,
Another year ends, as another’s begun.

August Piece

August slips through my back door lush and green,

An unremarkable event on the season-changing scene.

She feigns summer convincingly by day,

But by night, thoughts of summer quickly fade away.

Ironically, she is a metaphor of herself.

Inviting Autumn in, making room for

Summer on her pantry shelf.


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