Treading lightly the path to enlightenment.


Wilderness Road

Wilderness Road



Several lives ago,

drenched in myself,

wrapped in myself like an onion,

I followed the dark clouds,

And built a life on lies.


Lies are not sustainable,

and the construct collapsed

in on me

and those I love.


When the clouds cleared,

I was naked before the universe,

dowsed in sin.



This would be my drive

for thirty years

to sponge away this mark,

These stains,

the scar.


Time passes and

three lives later

I am not

The Same Man.


Those born since

and those walking alongside

and those that “know me”

do not know

or may not remember.


But from behind these eyes

there is hardly ever a day

I don’t look out through

stains and scars,

shading my vision.


You look and see me.

As I look in the mirror

I may as well have

a red “L” tattooed

on my forehead.


Someday, when I die,

there may be those that do not know,

and there may be some who will cry.

Sweet ones, do not cry.

The world has not lost,

but has expunged

The Liar.


Seek peace,



Comments on: "Liar" (9)

  1. Thank you, this is very emotional.

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  2. love the drama of this.


  3. Nice post, enjoyed reading


  4. Paz, haven’t been here in a while, and so glad I visited today! This post is the most connected I have ever felt here. We lie, when we think the truth about ourselves isn’t good enough. Pleased that you found out the truth about you is good enough, and found the group that values your truth. I’m following your blog. — Elizabeth


  5. You poured so much of your heart to this. I love this poem.


    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
      Words can mean so much to wordsmiths.
      Sharing them is one of so many wonders this life holds.

      Take care and keep in touch,


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